Learning Space Manager

Every feature you dreamed of in one solution!

Learning Space Manager by Talem3 is a powerful, collaborative service for cross functional teams to optimize the learning space experience. Creating and managing learning spaces is dramatically improved using this specialized, first of its kind service.

Learning Space manager makes it easy for you to manage your institutions learning spaces, and collaborate with peers and vendors to create optimal learning spaces that align with your institution’s goals. Learning space management, planning, and performance tracking comes together in one system. Gain complete visibility into your classrooms, libraries, meeting rooms, lecture halls, etc. All this in an easy to use technology management service built for the way you do your job.

Nothing to install

Learning Space Manager is a cloud based service. Set up your account, log in from anywhere and you are ready to start.

Replace Spreadsheets

Replace time consuming data collection and analysis from spreadsheets.   Engaging, insightful, and strategic reports are easily generated and uniquely configurable for everyone involved in learning space management.

Real-time reporting

Contextual insight gives managers the ability to easily monitor, collaborate and quickly take action.

Contextual Insights

Make better decisions. Gain visibility into how well your learning spaces are performing with a system that is unified to track changes and plan for the future.

Talem3 delivers what you always wanted, but never expected

Understand and collaboratively manage your learning spaces

  • Search any imaginable room, technology or asset attribute
  • Visualize your learning spaces
  • Seamlessly collaborate with peers and vendors for optimal planning

Distinguish and manage your technologies

  • Visualize your learning space technologies
  • Manage essential technology attributes
  • Understand quantities
  • Quickly locate where your technology is being used
  • Collaborate with social comments

Analyze your learning space performance experience

  • Real time (YOY) learning space performance reporting
  • Breakdown by support group, building, functional area, campus
  • Draws attention to areas that require root cause analysis


  • Collaborate securely with external partners
  • Import and export workflows between peer organizations

Powerful end-of-life reporting

  • 5-year end-of-life outlook reporting means better asset management and planning
  • Itemize financials

Workflow Editor

  • Manage learning space processes and actions
  • Create and manage any possible workflow in your learning space environment
  • Create and track actionable items for learning space improvements
  • Complete workflow with colleagues

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